Aston Springs Farm…


On Monday we went on our school trip to Aston Springs Farm, the sun shone and we had a busy, exciting day. We chatted about our trip after and these are our children’s favourite things about the day…

‘I liked walking  around and seeing the animals.’ – Lucas

‘I liked the deer.’ – Jack

‘Feeding the chickens.’ – Lily

‘Finding the eggs.’ – Kaydee

‘Looking for the animals and seeing the chickens.’ – Erin

‘Feeding the chickens.’ – Kitty

‘Going on the bus.’ – Jasmine

‘Making the clay tiles.’ – Jayden

‘Eating my sandwiches.’ – Hannah

‘Seeing the baby chicks.’ – Harvey

‘I liked the bit when we used the clay from the ground to make our animals.’ – Thomas

‘I really liked seeing the horses.’ – Julia

‘When we made the clay animals.’ – Keyleigh

‘The big chickens.’ – Keir

‘Holding the chicken egg.’ – Jaden

‘I liked the pigs.’ – Maja

‘I liked the chicks.’ – Gracie

‘I really liked lunchtime.’ – Archie

‘I liked the cows sticking their tongues out.’ – Riley

‘I liked looking at the animals.’ – Seth

‘I liked the horses.’ – Miaka

‘The chickens.’ – Dylan

‘The cows.’ – Jakub

‘We had three eggs and one smashed.’ – Haiden

‘I liked the dogs best.’ – Mason

Take a look at the great photographs from our day out at


When I Grow Up…


This morning we watched a report about what children would like to be when they grow up, we had a chat and our children decided what they would like to be…

Lily – Doctor

Kaydee – Nurse

Erin – Medicine Person

Kitty – Teacher

Jasmine – Princess

Jayden – Superhero

Hannah – Dentist

Harvey – Teacher

Thomas – Firefighter

Julia – Teacher

Keir – Teacher

Keyleigh – Doctor

Jaden – Police

Maja – Mummy

Gracie – Teacher

Riley – Firefighter

Martyna – Policewoman

Seth – Policeman

Miaka – Doctor

Dylan – Teacher

Jakub – Be like mummy

Haiden – Doctor

Mason – Firefighter

Lucas – Hulk

Jack – Doctor


The Gruffalo…

This week we have enjoyed reading ‘The Gruffalo’ our children have been doing some fantastic independent writing…

004 005 006 007  009 010 011   014

We are really impressed with how hard our children are working!!

Party In The Yard

On Saturday we held our ‘Party In The Yard’ at school. Even though it rained lots of people turned up and enjoyed lots of different activities. A big thank you to all the people who came! Check out our website for some pictures

Norbridge Has Got Talent…

Today some of the children from Blossom Class took part in our ‘Norbridge Has Got Talent’ talent show. The children were able to choose to take part and came up with their own performances. Some decided to dance, others to sing. They were all extremely brave to stand up in front of the whole school!

Our Class Targets…

This week we have decided upon our new Class Targets, all of the children thought carefully and decided that our targets would be…

To write sentences that make sense.

To practice our adding and taking away.

To use our phonics in our week.


Each of the children also thought of their own individual target which is displayed in our classroom…